Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pillowcases for Charity

I made these cute pillowcases this morning for my quilt guild's charity project for Philhaven.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed making them and how quickly they came together!  It was a fun walk down memory lane as I pulled out various fabrics from previous projects.

I am very, very late in the game in getting on board in making pillowcases for charity....  I had convinced myself that the One Million Pillowcase Challenge was simply a ploy by the fabric industry to get quilters to buy more fabric, just like the diamond industry invented the need for engagement rings.  (By the way, there's a great video on the College Humor site about the whole subject, but it was too vulgar for me to include the link - what a shame!!)  Maybe my premise is correct, but I finally realized it doesn't mean I can't use some of my leftover fabrics in my stash to partner with my quilt guild members and do some good in this world.  So, here are my pillowcases!

I found this fabric at the thrift shop a few years ago; I bought it for my sister who has collected anything Snoopy for forever, not knowing what I was going to do with it.

It was perfect for a pillowcase, and I had just enough fabric to make two - one for charity and one for her.  :)

These fabrics were left over from backing from the t-shirt quilts I had stitched for my twin nephews' high school graduation almost ten years ago.

And these fabrics were left over from a baby quilt, 

an "I Spy" quilt for my nephew, and another t-shirt quilt.

Click here for the link to the tutorial I followed. 
My guild members used french seams on the side/bottom seam for extra finesse, so I'll try that on my next one!

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