T-Shirt Quilt Gallery

I'd be happy to stitch a custom T-shirt quilt for you or your loved one!
The options are endless.  

Scroll to the bottom of this page for frequently asked questions and for my contact information.  

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at some pictures of T-shirt quilts I've completed over the years!

Kristen's T-shirt Quilt
November 2104
62 1/2" x 66"

K.B.'s Elizabethtown Area High School Graduation Quilt
February 2014
58"x 72.5"

Alison's "Concerts" Quilt
January 2014
75"x 75"

Alison's "Miscellaneous" Quilt
January 2014
60"x 75"

J.T.'s Manheim Central High School Graduation Quilt
June 2013
65"x 71"

Alison's "Olympics" Quilt
53"x 53"

Alison's "Travel" Quilt
60"x 60"

Alison's "Cycling" Quilt
60"x 75"

Alison's "Snoopy" Quilt
60"x 75"

Kim Buesking's Quilt
81"x 81"

Chelsea Hertzler's High School Graduation Quilt
48"x 48"

Gary Funck's "Racing" Quilt
64"x 64"

Stephanie Hight's High School Graduation Quilt
60"x 60"

Sean & Eric's High School Graduation Quilts
65"x 65"


How many t-shirts do I need?
It all depends!  Fronts and backs can be used.  It depends on what size you'd like the finished quilt to be.  You can use as few as nine  t-shirts; if the blocks are 15" square, you'll end up with a quilt that is 45x45".   Or, it can be as large as you'd like.

How much will it cost?
Every quilt is unique, but count on approximately $18.00 per block for labor for a simple block style quilt.  Sashing and borders are extra as well as any additional design features (t-shirt stitched to the back, labels, etc.)  Supplies (backing and binding fabrics, batting and interfacing) are additional as well.

Can I use include anything in addition to t-shirts?
Yes!  Sweatshirts, towels and patches can be incorporated into your quilt.

How much time do you need to complete the quilt?
I can usually complete a quilt in three weeks, but the more time you can give me, the better!

Please contact me for more information!

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