Saturday, October 4, 2014

318 Patchwork Patterns

I was thrilled to learn that Kumiko Fujita's "318 Patchwork Patterns" has finally been released in English!

Ever since viewing a picture of this quilt on Pinterest, I have been searching in vain for a copy of the book.  It was in Japanese and out of print, and was nowhere to be found - not on eBay, not from the library (I even had my local library search for it - there is not a single library in the United States that has it in their possession!) - nowhere!  The only copy I could locate was from Amazon Japan; the webpage was in Japanese, and it was way out of my price range!

I have been collecting patterns and pinning images to my "Alphabet Quilt" Pinterest board, eager to make my own version, but I wasn't sure how I would pull it off without the book, especially when it came to the letters.

This will be a huge help!!

I ordered my copy from Pink Castle Fabrics.
Of course, who knows when I'll get to this project, as there are currently 71 quilts on my "Quilts-To-Do" List!!


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