Monday, November 3, 2014

Laurie's Quilt

Just finished machine quilting this lovely quilt for my friend Laurie!

I had my usual "I-think-I'm-going-to-have-a-stroke" sensation as I got started, as free motion quilting is far from perfect, and the imperfections of it (especially when you're quilting someone else's quilt!) can really whack you out.  But, as always, once I am able to embrace the imperfections, I find that I really enjoy the process!

The combination of practicing my FMQ designs on a big white board and Laurie's input re: the quilt designs was helpful in getting started.

Laurie wanted a lot of movement in the quilting vs. straight lines, so we chose spirals, stipples, and loops.

Because I've done so much stippling over the years, I'm comfortable stippling.

But, I still need to work at perfecting some of my other FMQ designs.  
As I always tell myself, "Angela Walters says you don't get better by ripping, you get better by quilting", so I resisted the urge to redo several sections of stitching.  :)

Thanks, Laurie, for trusting me with your quilt!

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