Sunday, August 9, 2015

Baby Circles

Believe me, this quilt was a long time in the making!!  

I initially started it back in 2007, intending to make one of those reversible orange peel quilts.  After cutting out over 300 squares of 30's prints and over 300 squares of the solid Kona yellow, tracing around an old CD for a template for my stitching lines, stitching them together, and trimming each set with pinking shears, I decided the project was going to be way too time consuming once I got to the part where I had to turn the circles inside out and press them.  I loved the quilt idea, but I didn't care for the process or how they looked once I stitched them together!

So, I tucked all the supplies away in a plastic storage bin and stuck them in the closet.

After moving the bin every time I reorganized the closet in my quilt studio, I decided I needed to either do something with them or toss them out.  Of course, I couldn't bear to throw them away....

Thankfully I got an inspiration of what to do with them, based on Cluck Cluck Sew's Raw Edge Circle Quilt.  I trimmed off all the stitched lines I had painstakingly stitched and ended up with plain old circles.  They worked perfectly for the raw edge applique method outlined in Allison's tutorial.

This quilt ended up being 35x44", simply because that's how much Kona Aqua I had left over from making my Suburbs quilt.

I had basted it a while ago, then let it sit because I just wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it other than stippling it.   But, stippling seems to be the best fit for this vintage-feeling baby quilt.

I've already started on a full-size version with a soft pink solid, and probably still have enough circles left for another one!

Quilt Stats:
Baby Circles
Batting:  Warm & White
Thread:  Aurifil 50 wt, color #2311

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