Thursday, February 11, 2016

Viewing Kaffe

Kaffe Fassett (b. 1937) at the Quilt Museum and Gallery in York, England, May 2015. Photograph by Tony Bartholomew, Courtesy of the Quilter’s Guild Collection.

It was a remarkable opportunity to see in person the antique British quilts that inspired a collection of Kaffe's quilts:

Can't get enough of these Scrappy Trips....

The detail in the antique quilts was absolutely incredible....

As much as I love Kaffe and his fabric, his color sense, and his disregard for the all rules of color theory, I think I was more impressed with the women who came before both me and him, who  created these amazing works of art by hand, spending hours and likely years creating them.  I think our access to rotary cutters and mats and all kinds of tools and notions (not to mention sewing machines!) that allow us to speedily stitch up a quilt in no time has also taken the personality and evidence of the human element out of our work.  I was so inspired by their work, and encouraged by the fact that their seams may not have matched perfectly, yet it only added to their beauty.

It was so fun to take it all in with my friend Diane who is in the middle of finishing her first quilt!

And, so cool to come home with a great tote bag as a remembrance of our day!

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  1. Oh - how I wish I could have tagged along! The inspiration must have been mind blowing!