Saturday, July 26, 2014

Photo Shoot at Blossom Hollow Farm

My cousin John was kind enough to help me mount some family quilts on their barn for a photo shoot during our family reunion this weekend!

I wanted to take a picture of this quilt at the family farm since it had been pieced by my Grandma Learn.

Before she died, my grandmother gave the unquilted top to my sister Alison, then I machine quilted it for her for Christmas last year.

I have no idea what the name of the quilt pattern might be,

but I love its scrappy look!

I also wanted to take a picture of this quilt on the farm since my mother, my two sisters, my aunt, and my two cousins all stitched identical quilts together over the course of  three years back in the 90's.

We each included a signature block.

I grow more and more attached to this quilt each year!

I had originally hand quilted it with minimal stitching, but just wasn't pleased with it.

So, this year I stippled it, over top of the hand quilting.

Since I used Warm & Natural batting, it shrunk beautifully when I washed and dried it, giving it the vintage feel I love.

I'm so grateful for the quilting heritage from my mom's side of the family!

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