Wednesday, December 3, 2014

In Progress Overload

 I have been desperately trying to finish up my stack of UFO's before starting any new projects because 1) I have totally reached overload on all those unfinished quilts floating around in my brain, and 2) because my Baker's Bun Pan Rack has no more room to hold any more works in progress.  BUT, that means that everything I need to work on isn't the easiest thing.  Usually, the reason I put a quilt project aside is because I hit a snag, couldn't make a decision on the next step, or just wasn't sure I liked the project enough to finish it.  

This is one such project!!  My Seaside Roses quilt....  I got to the borders and couldn't make myself stitch the borders.  I hate borders.  (I think my border skills are getting worse with age.... )  I usually avoid borders at all costs - probably the reason I've become more of a modern quilter of late - no borders for the most part!  I knew this one would be extra tricky with needing to match the stripes.

Also, I couldn't decide if I wanted to tackle the Prairie Points.  As much as I liked the effect, I knew they would be a bear.

I ended up skipping the Prairie Points.  Good thing, or I wouldn't have these pictures to show you!
I just have to stitch the applique motifs on the borders yet.

I need to get this quilt finished before I paint my bedroom another color!

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