Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Westwood Acres New Year's Sale

Honestly, really, truly - I have been trying not to buy any more fabric!  I have enough fabric to keep me busy for the rest of my days.  And, I often worry that my fabric stash will not be respected when I'm dead and gone - that whoever is stuck cleaning out my house will simply pass judgement on me for still having unused fabric on the day of my death.

But, I could not resist Westwood Acre's New Year's Day sale!  Their prices are already so reasonable, and when they dangled the 35% off sale in front of me, my resolve disappeared.  I'm glad it did, because I LOVE what I purchased:

This lovely fat eighth bundle of Lecien's Flower Sugar fabrics.  I've been collecting them for my Farmer's Wife quilt.

This fabulous "Type" FQ bundle.

This sweet Windemere jelly roll.  I kept eyeing it at my favorite local quilt shop, but couldn't justify buying it until now.

And this dear, dear, dear Vintage Market panel by Tasha Noel.  I so wanted to buy a fat quarter bundle of the entire line last fall when it was released, but I resisted, and now I kind of regret it....

OK, I need to get away from the keyboard and head to the sewing room!  :)

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