Saturday, May 14, 2016

In Memory of a Mother, Part II

Ever since learning about Binding Love Scarves, I knew an upcycled scarf would be the perfect way to memorialize a loved one using their clothing.  

I had stitched a T-shirt quilt for Jessica out of her mom's T-shirts earlier in the year, but she also had an assortment of clothing in prints that Jessica clearly remembered.  These articles of clothing weren't appropriate for a T-shirt quilt, but they were perfect for this project.

To make the scarves, I cut the fabric into varying lengths that were 9" wide, then stitched them together until I had 2 lengths of pieced fabric that were 60" long.  Then, I placed the lengths of fabric right sides together, stitched along both side seams, turned it inside out, and stitched the ends closed.
(Note: the Binding Love Scarves are closer to 52", but I chose to make these a bit longer.)

I knew the scarves needed to have a label after seeing the labels on the Binding Love Scarves.  

To make the scarf labels, I simply scanned the remembrance card that was distributed at her funeral, then printed it onto Kona cotton, just like I did for the t-shirt quilt.
  Click here for the details.

I trimmed the labels with a rotary cutter using a pinking blade, and then topstitched it onto the fabric.

How special to be able to incorporate the very same shirt that Jessica's mom was wearing in this photograph!

I love that you can use a wide assortment of fabric in this project, and that every scarf will be unique.

What better way to remember a loved one than to wrap their clothing around your neck!
Hugs to you, Jessica!


  1. Sweet memory.......done so lovely!

  2. What an interesting project. Well done!! Off to find out more about Binding Love Scarves...