Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hex on the Beach Bittersweetness

I am so, so sad to be finished hand piecing this "Hex on the Beach" quilt - I don't know what to do with myself now - feel like I've lost my purpose in life for the moment (I'm exaggerating, of course!).

It was such a pleasure to piece!  Totally brainless, as I purchased it as a kit and didn't have to make a single decision once I figured out the best way to prep and stitch the hexies.  It was the perfect way to unwind from the day, or sit and stitch when I didn't have brain power to do something more taxing.

I had been slowly working at it ever since I purchased it last June.  I never thought I'd have it finished by now; typically I work on a project like this, take a break, then pull it out later.  But, those hexies are so addicting (as so many of you know!) that I steadily worked at it without taking a break; then I really got motivated once the end was in sight.

These supplies had been sitting on my ottoman all this time; feels sad to put them away.

There were few missing pieces; I was make do for the most part, but I'm still waiting on one more green hexagon from the company.

My dear longarmer friend, Kathy O. over at Stitch by Stitch, offered to quilt it for me, but after putting so much time into it, I'm feeling like I should attempt to machine quilt it myself.  

I'd really like to quilt it similar to the way it's quilted in this picture, but I'll need to hone my machine quilting skills at bit before attempting this design!

Oh dear, what hand-piecing project should I work on now?! 


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  1. I'm still up for quilting it! It's such a beauty. I'll be watching this one to see where you go with it! hugs