Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Time for a New Ironing Board Cover!

Time for a new ironing board cover, wouldn't you say!  (I always wonder if the status of my nasty ironing board cover will erode my sewing customers' confidence in my sewing skills!)  I had purchased the fabric several years ago for a new cover, but never got around to it until today.  Actually, the real motivation was because I wanted to use the scraps to make some pressing boards for my quilt studio.  I was just thankful to have something to motivate me!

You would think that you could easily purchase a plain 100% cotton canvas ironing board cover, but they're  simply not out there!

Here's the new cover.  Aaaahhhh, so much better.  

I simply used the old cover as a guide, but cut it a bit larger to make a casing for a drawstring.  The previous cover had elastic in the casing, but the elastic always conks out at some point and then you're left with a sloppy cover (although, who am I to talk?!).  I used some grosgrain ribbon I had on hand for the drawstring; it worked great.

I would have loved to use this Annie Selke designer fabric to make the cover, but it was so insanely expensive (I had to special order it from Jo-Ann's when I made the curtains), so I hated to use it for an ironing board cover that would just get ruined in no time.

So, instead I plan to stitch a simple cover out of the Annie Selke fabric that I can lay on top of the board, then simply fold back when I want to use my iron.

Feels good to have that project off my to-do list!

Actually, I love that Annie Selke fabric so much that I plan to make a Roman shade for my master bath as well!

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