Friday, February 7, 2014

Liberty-Inspired Draw String Bag

I stitched up this little drawstring bag today.

It was inspired by this dear little Liberty bag that my friend Denise had brought back from London for me years ago; I believe it may have contained a sewing kit at the time, but I can't remember for sure.

I've always loved it, especially the fabric....  And, this was long before I knew anything about the wonderful fabric Liberty is known for.  The bag was too special to use for just anything, so I simply kept it as a sweet reminder of Denise's kindness and our shared love of fabric.

Then, yesterday one of these bobbin holders arrived in the mail.  I quickly filled it with bobbins of my Aurafil thread collection (I still don't have very many colors yet!) so that it's handy to grab for applique or paper piecing.  Then, I discovered that the sweet Liberty bag that has been waiting for a purpose all these years is the perfect size for storing the bobbin holder.

But, that left my two "Frosted Donuts" that I had purchased before Christmas in need of a bag to protect them as well!  So, I stitched up a Liberty-inspired bag for them.

I machine quilted a diagonal grid of lines 3/4" apart with my walking foot, just like the Liberty bag.  For the batting, I used some scraps of Warm & White batting that were left over from covering my design wall.

Instead of this elaborate bottom on the base of the Liberty bag, 

I stitched a very simple boxed bottom (not sure if that's what you call it....).

I used some grosgrain ribbon I had on had for the drawstring.  I should have made the casing a bit wider, but it will do for now.

I used a silky lining fabric for the inside lining, just like the Liberty bag, so that the bobbin holders will easily slide in and out of the bag.

Don't these threads look happy in their new home?


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