Thursday, April 3, 2014

Denise's Sampler Quilt

I just finished machine quilting this sampler quilt for my friend Denise last night.  It was so much fun!!  This was the first Free Motion Quilting project I've done that incorporated a variety of stitching designs; I was so happy for the opportunity!  But, no matter how much I practice ahead of time, I always feel like I'm going to have a stroke when I first start stitching someone else's treasure. It's easy to get caught up in the lie that it needs to be perfect for them to love it.  But, once I was able to embrace the imperfections of FMQ, I was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the process.  :)

Denise had pieced this quilt during a class over 20 years ago?  She did a great job with the piecing, but had never gotten around to the quilting part, so she handed it off to me.  I sat on it for a while, waiting for the machine quilting inspiration to hit.  (Inspiration always hits when I'm to be doing something else!)  Anyway, it's always fun to see these projects come to completion.

I stitched in the ditch around most of the blocks and motifs, then went back and filled in with FMQ.  It's amazing how the quilt will "speak" to you and tell you how it wants to be stitched.  I find that it evolves as I go; I just need to start with what I know and let the rest happen (isn't that the case with life too?!).

  I'll definitely use Aurifil 50 wt. thread in the future; I didn't have the right shade on hand so I used a combination of Coats & Clark 100% cotton and Signature machine quilting thread, but I'm learning that my Bernina is happiest with Aurifil, especially for FMQ.

Here are some up close shots:

This little door knob makes me smile!

And, here are some shots of the back:

Can you see the curtains in the window?  :)

OK, that's it!  :)

Denise, I can't wait to give it to you in person!

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  1. Your feathers are beautiful!!! If you can master them (which you CAN) you've got it made! LOVE the orange peel in the corner posts - and flowers in the basket- such personal touches. She will love it!!! Super nice work, Miss Andrea!