Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ronda's Tulips

This is a bad, BAD picture, but I wanted to at least document this quilt top that I just finished piecing for Ronda before it heads back to Idaho.  (I didn't want to risk soiling it by photographing it outside, especially after all the work that went into it.)  I haven't pieced anything so intricate - ever!  

Ronda had started piecing this top a number of years ago, then asked me to finish it up for her.  (It always feels good to get a project finished up, doesn't it!)  She learned that I'm available for piecing work through Kathy's post of the Wallflower quilt that I had pieced for her earlier this year.  Rhonda's piecing was meticulous, so I knew I needed to bring my "A" game if I was going to match her workmanship.

Can't wait to see what magic Kathy works on it!

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