Sunday, January 25, 2015

On Location

There's nothing more meaningful than photographing a quilt in its perfect setting.  But, it's an elusive art, since anyone who has photographed a quilt knows that all the stars must align in order to be able to do that - weather, lighting, correct camera settings, time, an easily accessible location that accentuates the quilt, and, able and willing quilt holders who don't mind being barked at ("move a little to your right", "your feet are showing", "I can see your hands", "be careful, the quilt is dragging", etc. etc.!). 

A quilt blogger I follow described the challenge well in this post.

But today, all the stars were all in alignment!!  Or better said, God was so gracious in providing everything I needed to photograph these two extraordinary quilts this afternoon, even if my camera settings weren't perfect.
Even the rain held off until the drive home!

My friends Julia & Alan were kind enough to let me photograph this beauty at their fabulous home in Hummelstown, PA,

... the very same town in which the quilter who pieced the quilt top had lived.

I had the wonderful privilege of knotting and binding this quilt top for my friend Leann's father. 

He and Leann discovered the top when they were cleaning out his house in preparation for his upcoming move to a retirement community; the circa 1930 top was stitched by Leann's great-great grandmother. 

I have never seen a crazy quilt in this star design before - it was beautifully done,

... with fabulous hand stitching.

I named it "Crazy Stars", and added a label so that it's documented for future generations.

Thanks, Julia and Alan!


Now, on to location number two!

My sister Alison was the willing and able quilt holder for this quilt.

This lovely, lovely quilt top was stitched by Leann's mom, Janice Landis, sometime around 1970.
I simply machine stippled it so as not to distract from its wonderful design.

I was thrilled that I was able to find a backing fabric that worked so well with all the fabulous colors.

I love it!!

Don't you just LOVE the fabrics?!

We took pictures at the church Janice attended her entire life.

Thanks so much, Alison!

And, thanks too, to my nephew Ricky for the photo bombs:

(My sister had slipped off her boots so she didn't break her neck on the step stool.  Amazing what an 11-year old can do to entertain himself!)

Leann and Mr. Landis, it was such a privilege to finish these quilt tops - thanks especially to you!!

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