Thursday, January 29, 2015

Solids Galore!

I finally broke down and ordered color cards for Kona and Bella solids.  I had been holding off, as they are kinda pricey, and because both companies keep coming out with new colors.  But, after driving 45 minutes one way to the fabric shop last week and not finding the shade of fabric I was looking for, AND in the process, buying some additional fabric I didn't really need, I figured purchasing color cards would save me time and money in the long run!  That way, I can simply order exactly what I need on line, as I need it.

I purchased my cards from the Fat Quarter Shop - here are the links:

Update - I went to yoga this evening, came home and decided to cut borders and sashing for one of my WIP's.  NOT A GOOD IDEA!!  Note to self - NEVER attempt to do quilt math after yoga!!  I totally screwed up the measurements and miscut the fabric - totally unsalvagable.  And, my perfect shade of 1930's Windham solid fabric is not available on line.   Boo hoo!!  But, the good news is that I could locate an almost identical shade on my Bella color card.
More money down the drain!  :(

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