Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Modern Building Blocks Has Begun!

I am so, so excited - I finally got started on my Modern Building Blocks quilt!!  I've been making myself finish up some old WIP's as well as some ho hum quilts (you know those quilts - the ones you once thought were all the rage, but now don't shine compared to all the new fabulous quilts you stumble across on someone's blog or Pinterest....), but I finally felt I earned the privilege to start a new really cool quilt.

I  got itchy to start piecing the blocks after I realized how much I enjoyed stitching Ronda's blocks.  Stitching a variety of blocks is so fun - you don't lose interest, and completing each block almost feels like a finishing a mini quilt top.

I've been drooling over the quilt for a while, ever since seeing it on Pinterest.  I bought the kit from the Fat Quarter Shop because I wasn't sure I could pull off all the color selections on my own.  The colors are so yummy - I never would have come up with those combinations, but I absolutely love them!!  You can also buy just the pattern cards if you prefer to use your own fabrics.

The cool box is worth the price alone (OK, well maybe not...)! 

And, I love the way they did the direction cards.  I hope whoever did all the cool graphics on this quilt project gets all the kudos they deserve.

The first two blocks are enormous, 36" square - almost the size of a baby quilt!  I'm stitching the blocks in order of largest to smallest to make the best use of fabric as I cut it out, just as the directions recommend.  Of course, I probably should do all the cutting first, then the stitching, but I couldn't wait to get started.

It feels so good to have finally be stitching this fabulous quilt!  Check out my Modern Building Blocks Pinterest board for more inspiration - you can make it out of your own selection of fabrics, not necessarily just solids.  I may just have to make a second version of this quilt in printed fabrics....

To be continued!

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  1. I LOVE it! I'm so excited to get started on mine.....probably Fig Tree prints or Civil War prints....or BOTH!