Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Photo Shoot

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so I took two completed quilt tops out for a photo shoot before shipping them across the country to their owners.

First up - I stitched this quilt top for Kathy O. of Stitch by Stitch.

The pattern is "Sweet Life" by Camille Roskelley and can be found in her book Simply Retro.

I love stitching a quilt top for Kathy O. - I get to play with beautiful fabrics, and it's always fun to see the magic she works with her longarm quilting after I'm done with the piecing.

Below are a few more shots:

Next, some pictures of Ronda's beautiful quilt top:

Named "The Generals' Wives", it was a Block of the Month a few years back.

The top contains 12 pieced blocks, representing 12 generals' wives from the Civil War.

In keeping with the Civil War theme, these two shots were taken in Columbia, PA, a town that played a significant role in the war.

I also wanted to include some shots of the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge since an earlier bridge was burned in 1863 to prevent Confederate troops from entering Lancaster County.  

This lovely landmark was built in 1930 and is still considered to be the world’s longest concrete multiple-arch bridge.

Click here to view a spectacular photograph of this remarkable bridge.

I thoroughly enjoyed piecing this top!  It was fun to piece 12 different blocks while learning a bit about each wife.  Discovering how fun it was to piece a variety of blocks vs. the same block over and over made me anxious to get started on my "Modern Building Blocks" quilt.

The stars on the center block were appliqued.  I debated about hand vs. machine applique, but felt that hand applique was more fitting for the era this quilt represented, but could I pull it off??

I did!  I was pleased with how well the star points came out with the freezer paper/liquid starch method - yay! 

Next project?  My "Modern Building Blocks" quilt.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I LOVE your photos! You should consider a career in photography! I'm so excited to have my quilt top in my hands and on to the machine! It's beautiful! And Ronda's - very nice! Oh - the history you must enjoy living in PA. Thank you so much, my friend. xxoo