Friday, June 17, 2016

T-Shirt Quilt #2 for Jessica

 Jessica discovered a few more of her mother's T-shirts that she wanted turned into another quilt.
There were just enough to make a small throw!  I also incorporated scraps from the infinity scarves we had made to fill in the empty spaces. 

Jessica had me incorporate business cards from her mom's previous businesses into labels for the back of the quilt; I simply scanned them and printed them onto fabric with my inkjet printer as before.  

I usually machine tack my T-shirt quilts with the button stitch on my Bernina, but this time I decided to try a large stipple.  I can't decide which look I prefer, but it's actually quicker to machine quilt a large stipple than it is to do the tacking stitch!  If you do the tacking stitch, you have to clip each and every thread tail which can be tedious and time consuming, especially if you use an invisible thread.  (Trust me, I know!)

Love this backing fabric I found at Good's....  It's has a vintage feel, but the colors are bright and clear enough for the primary colors of T-shirts .  
Fortunately there was enough left over to add into my stash.  :)

And, a polka dot binding in a pretty shade of blue ties everything together!

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  1. Very nice - I love how you re-purpose every little bit!