Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Peppermint Yo Yo Pillow

This project has been floating around in my mind for the last number of years, so it's incredibly satisfying to finally see it come to fruition!

The pillow (and forthcoming quilt!) was inspired by this photo.  I think I saw it in a magazine somewhere for purchase - maybe Gooseberry??  And then, I saw this one on Pinterest.  Anyway, I couldn't get it out of my head, so I have been stitching these red and white yo yo's for the past three (almost four!) years.  

They made great Christmas decorations during the process!

And, I have plenty leftover since I stitched way more than I needed!

I started with a 12 1/2" square block, marked 3" quadrants in the seam allowance, scored the lines with a hera marker, then pressed the creases.  That made it easy to center the yo yo's in each square, and gave me lines for the quilting without having to worry about how to get rid of the markings.  

The yo yo's were stitched onto the fabric with a running stitch using hand quilting thread.

Then, I just did some simple walking foot quilting.

After adding a simple envelope closure,

I finished it off with a stripe binding.

I just adore it....

Hopefully I'll have pictures of a matching finished quilt to show you before too long!

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