Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stash and Dash Foldover Organizer

I stitched up another Stash & Dash Organizer today!

I'm so grateful that Jan from The Old Country Store asked me to test this pattern/project to see if it would be appropriate for their staff Christmas party project.  I would never have attempted it otherwise!  I would have read the directions, saw that it called for Soft and Stable stabilizer (something I've never used before), and that would have been enough to cause me to pass over it.  But, Jan was kind enough to give me a finishing kit (zippers, mesh, strapping, vinyl, buckle, and Soft and Stable), so all I needed to do was select some fabrics from my stash and give it a try.  I'm hooked!  It was so fun to stitch, and so professional looking!  They make great gifts, too!

It's simply a foldover pouch with mesh pockets that zip close.

There's even a handy vinyl pocket on the back. 

You simply slip the strap through the buckle, and everything is neatly contained.

Soft and Stable stabilizer is kind of like a foam batting that gives it a firm, flexible structure.  Batting wouldn't do the trick.  Even though it's a bit pricey, it's exactly what's needed for this type of project.

I quilted straight lines on one, and did a cross hatch on the others.

It's so fun picking out different fabric combinations!

They were so much fun - I'm looking forward to teaching a class in February at The Old Country Store, and I can't wait to make some more for Christmas presents for next year!

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