Friday, December 30, 2016

The Sew Together Bag Love Continues

I stitched a few more Sew Together Bags for Christmas presents, keeping one for myself. (Yes, I am fully aware that Christmas has come and gone, but I finally found time to get these stitched!)
It's amazing - I thought these bags were so difficult to sew when I made my the first and second attempts last Christmas. A year later, I expected to struggle through them again, but for some reason, they went together like a charm!   I do think it's worth sewing more than one at a time.

I thought this "Keep Calm" fabric was so fun, so I stitched several of these, varying the interior fabrics to suit the receiver.

Kathy is a Densye Schmidt fan, so I selected a variety of DS fabrics for the lining, pockets and binding.

I love how different the bags can look depending on what fabrics and zipper colors you choose!

Eileen's bag was stitched out of Kaffe fabrics.  It's a bit wild, but I love it too!

It's so fun to add my labels for a special touch.

Of course, I have some more in mind to stitch....  I do think I prefer a quilted exterior like this one - it gives the bag a nice soft touch instead of the stiff interfacing, so I think I'll do a little patchwork with some quilting on the exterior of the next ones.

You can get the Sew Together Bag pattern here.  
And, you can order zipper sets in your choice of any color combination from Zipit Zippers here.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love my bag...and the sweet DS prints you used. I'm filling it with treasures! Thank you so very much - you grabbed my heart. xxoo

  2. This was a drop in the bucket compared to all the kind things you have done for me! It was a pleasure stitching it for you! :)