Friday, December 13, 2013

Today's Goodies

These lovely threads arrived in the mail today (this year's Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me gifts!) - I was so excited!  I've been working on various applique projects here and there, and more recently, this hexagon quilt.  I struggled to find thread that matched the various colors.  I broke my 100%-cotton-thread rule when working with cotton quilt fabrics and used some poly or poly/cotton blends from my garment sewing thread supply, but was frustrated....  I hate working with polyester thread (even though it is necessary for garment sewing), and all of the threads I was using were a little too heavy; I was having trouble hiding the stitches as a result.  I needed to come up with another solution!  My 50-wt. Aurafil thread (LOVE that thread!!) worked perfectly, but I only have a few basic colors in my supply at the moment.  Then, I remembered reading a post from Sherri McConnell at A Quilting Life re: these thread sets from Superior Threads, so thought I'd give it a try.  


Each bobbin contains 80 yards (I think?) of their Masterpiece thread - a 50-weight 100% cotton thread.  I ordered both sets (Frosted Donut I & II) so I would have plenty of shades to choose from.   It's handles just like that dreamy Aurafil thread, so I'm thrilled.

The "donuts" are so handy - they are made out of a flexible rubbery plastic, so they hold the bobbins snugly, but allow you to easily remove a bobbin as you need it. 
The other nice thing is that the thread color number is clearly printed on the bobbin, so you can easily order another bobbin or spool of that color when you run out.  
Or if you want to use the Masterpiece thread for machine quilting (my guess is that you would only want to use it on your domestic machine, and that it wouldn't be strong enough for longarm use, but don't quote me on that), you can find the thread that matches best and avoid ordering a huge spool of the wrong color! 
The other goody that arrived in the mail today was this lovely bundle of 12 fat quarters of Lecien Flower Sugar fabric from Simply Sweet Fabric Etsy shop.  I fell in love with the Flower Sugar lines of fabric ever since I saw  the "Farmer's Wife Quilt" that Kristyne Czepuryk made out of her collection of Flower Sugar fabrics over a year ago.  I can't wait to make my own!

Today's arrival will play well with my current stash!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you too!


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  1. Yes, those Superior Bobbin Donuts are the best way I know to get a lot of colors fast! Simply Sweet is a great shop, too!