Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quilt Photo Shoot at the Umholtz's

My dear friends Elma & Leo were not only kind enough to let me tack up my quilts on their barn to take some photos this evening, but they also helped me (even though they weren't so sure at first about my vision!).

Photographing quilts is not for the faint of heart!  You have to scout out settings, wait for the right time of day so the lighting is perfect (still haven't completely figured that out yet!), haul out your stepladder and climb up on it, reaching as high as you possibly can [which isn't that high when you're only 5' 2"!], pound nails into a barn wall, then hope everything is reasonably level and what you had in mind.

But it's always worth the effort, and it's always so meaningful to spend time with your quilts in a lovely setting.  Elma quickly caught my vision and served as my "photo stylist".  

I love the Umholtz's property....  They are moving into a retirement community next week, and although I'm happy for them, I'm ever so sad for me - I never get tired of soaking in their property as evidenced here and here.

Enjoy a tour of this lovely property through a quilter's perspective!

(These photos make me want to do an outdoor quilt show with my entire collection of quilts....)


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  1. Hi Andrea-my quilt idol.
    Beautiful Work!!!!!