Monday, May 26, 2014

Too Many Quilts Floating in My Head!!

Some days I feel like my brain is going to explode with all the quilts that are floating around inside my head!!  I am so grateful for the internet, the online quilting community and all the amazing quilts that are to be seen on Pinterest and those fabulous quilt blogs.  But, the downside is that there are now more quilts in my head than I can possibly crank out in a reasonably timely basis.

In an attempt to calm down my brain, I made a serious list (and sublists!) of all the quilts I need to finish, all the quilts I have all the supplies for, all the quilts I am still collecting fabrics for, and all the quilts I'd love to do someday.  That list totals 67 at the moment!!  At the rate I'm completing quilts these days, I've got some serious quilting and serious living to do (I certainly don't want to die with a bunch of uncompleted projects or a huge stash of unused fabric!!)!

So, I need to hit the gym and get seated in front of the sewing machine!!


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