Monday, May 18, 2015

Modern Building Blocks, Blocks #18-28

Ooops - the sun is a bit bright here!  Had to wait a bit until the light softened....

I'm on the final stretch now; I have ten of the 6" blocks done - just 20 more to go!  Some are really intricate, and some are quite simple.  It's still fun!  But I have to admit, this is about the time in a quilt project that I stall out, eager to start something new.  This time I'm determined to keep going and finish this up, mainly because the larger blocks will need to remain on my design wall until this baby is stitched together because they are simply too big to stack on a WIP pile.  And, because I'd really like to finish it in time for the big Etown fair in August.

Enjoy a few more pictures!


  1. Are you for photo hiring????? Sheesh! These are adorable!

  2. My shed makes anything look good.... I get to look at it every day out my kitchen window! :)