Monday, June 8, 2015

A Pin Cushion Bites the Dust

I decided it was time to finally retire my beloved pincushion....

I stitched this pincushion back in the 70's when I was in middle school (remember when mushrooms were all the rage?!).  My mom gave me the crewel embroidery kit as a gift, and she helped me add the fringe and stuff it with old pantyhose (back when you did just things out of necessity, not because it was trendy to repurpose!).

I was recently remembering how good my mom was about making sure that I always had a needlework project to work on, whether it was a cross stitch sampler, or pillowcases, dresser scarves or tea towels to embroider.  Even though money was tight, I was always allowed to order a needlework kit from the Lee Wards catalog.

I stitched a few new pin cushions out of  scraps from the Roman Shade in my sewing room.
I like how they turned out!

But, I think I'm going to still hang on to my old pin cushion.  I may find a glass jar with a lid to house to store it and keep it for posterity's sake!

1 comment:

  1. darling pin cushion - what a great idea to add the selvage....I'm going to steal that one!