Sunday, June 14, 2015

Some More Vintage Quilt Tops to Finish

I have the privilege of finishing two lovely vintage quilt tops for a local family.  They found them when cleaning out their father's apartment in preparation for his move to an assisted living facility.  (It's amazing what gets discovered in that process!)

This nine-patch postage stamp quilt was entirely hand pieced - very inspiring....  It has an amazing assortment of fabrics (civil war era mixed with 30's prints) and very few repeats of prints.  It needs a bit of repair at the edges, but other than that, it is in great shape.  I'm planning to knot it in the center of each block, which will help draw your eye to the design.

The more I contemplate Jen Kingwell's approach to quilting, the more I wonder if I should attempt to hand-piece something similar.  It's such a remarkable quilt....

I'm guessing this second quilt is an Ocean Waves pattern??  I'm thinking I'll hand quilt this one with a simple utility stitch.

I could stare at these fabrics all day (which I was able to do while basting both quilts!!)....

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  1. These quilts are absolute treasures - I'm so glad the family has decided to let you finish them. They are so beautiful and I know you will add even more beauty to them.