Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Zip Pouch for a Project

In preparation for some vacation stitching next month, I made this zip pouch to hold my EPP stars as I work on them.  I figure I will be working on these for a loooong time, so it was worth making a pouch specifically for for the project!

Here's a view of the back.

I stitched the stars using the EPP method, appliqued them to the body of the pouch, then machine quilted it with my walking foot, spacing the lines 1/4" apart.  The body of the pouch is Essex linen - I do like that fabric!!  It makes me nervous to use it in an actual quilt because of its loose weave and its tendency to ravel, but it works nicely for it for a pouch.

A view of the inside.

And, a view of my thrift shop zipper.  :)

The size of the pouch is a bit odd, but I wanted it to easily accommodate the six-pointed stars as I complete them.

The pouch is done, but now the dilemma is to decide on which quilt design I want to do...
Since I can't decide, I may do two of them while I'm at it!  


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  1. I love these stars, but I'm nuts about any star! Your pouch is perfect!