Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Few Quilt Top Finishes!

I took a quick break from my Modern Building Block quilt and stitched two Big Wonky Star quilt tops.

At my quilt guild's retreat earlier this month, Gloria showed me one of Jenny Doan's Block magazines that had this this pattern in it.  I couldn't get it out of my head, so I went home and stitched not only one top, but two!  It's a really quick quilt to stitch up. In fact, it took me longer to select, cut and then refold my fabric than it did to stitch it!  So, if you're using a layer cake, you'll have this together in no time.

The pattern calls for 10" Layer Cake squares which I didn't have, so I pulled some fabrics out of my stash and cut them into 7" squares since the scraps weren't big enough for 10" blocks.  At approx. 40 x 46, it makes a nice size baby quilt.

After studying it for a while,

... I wondered if the stars would stand out better if all the fabrics were of a medium value vs. some lights, so I stitched another one out of  my Denyse Schmidt stash.  This time I had enough fabric to cut 10" squares.  BUT, I like the first quilt better!!  I like the larger prints and the interest created by the various fabrics and values.  I think the DS fabrics are better showcased in smaller blocks or more intricate piecing.

Using 10" blocks, this quilt measures approx. 58" x 67".

When I laid my quilt tops out together to photograph them, I was surprised to discover that the Bella Solids from the Modern Building Blocks kit coordinate perfectly with the Denyse Schmdt fabrics!  SO, I got the idea to stitch yet another Wonky Star quilt out of the scraps from my MBB quilt and use it as the backing!  :)

Of course, this is after I already purchased some yardage specifically for the backing - this kind of thing happens to me all the time!!  :)

I think I 'll be happy with the Denyse Schmidt version once it has some interest to the back and it's quilted with a wavy stitch.

I do love how these fabrics look so beautiful together!!

Finally, here's a photo of my finished Modern Building Blocks top - I LOVE it!!!!
I'm kinda sad to be finished with the piecing....


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