Thursday, January 30, 2014

Armrest Pincushion Organizer

I've been wanting to get a armrest pincushion in place for my favorite chair, replacing...

...this!  Not a very good use of an expensive chair,

even though it worked perfectly, except for the fact that I was always losing my scissors!

I love it!  I never knew that not losing your scissors while hand stitching could be so enjoyable!
I based my version on this inspiration via Pinterest and this tutorial.  

Finished size:  5 1/2 x 16"
Pockets are 7" tall
Machine quilted rows are 1" apart.
Pockets divisions are stitched in the machine quilting channels.
I filled the pincushion section with ground black walnut shells, just as I did with these needle cushions.

To make one perfectly suited for your favorite chair, simply drape a piece of fabric over the armrest to get an idea of what size you will need.

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