Friday, January 31, 2014

Mini Design Boards - Gotta Love Them!

I love using these mini design boards!  I posted about them previously here.

They really make it easy to lay out and stitch a whole stack of blocks efficiently without getting the pieces out of order.

I love using them so much that I made a whole stack of smaller ones (10x10") as well as some more of the 15x15" size.

Note - I skipped the edging step; I found that it was pretty time consuming, especially if you're making a whole pile.  Also, I found that using a colored or patterned binding could be a bit distracting for me when it came to the design of the block.  Basically, I should just admit that I was too lazy for that step!  However, just to assure you - they work perfectly fine without the edging.  :)

Thanks, Lori Holt, for introducing these to the quilt world!!

Click here for the link to her tutorial., or here for her YouTube video tutorial.

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