Friday, December 13, 2013

Bleeding Reds

I was nervous about using these reds in my Christmas Tree quilt....
But, I knew I definitely wanted some reds in the quilt, and most definitely want to use a white background.  So, I knew I needed to do something to prevent them from bleeding.
 I've had this bottle of Retayne in my laundry room cupboard for years...
... (you can tell just how long by the price on the bottle!), but had never tried using it.
I basically followed the directions - hot water and a longer wash cycle than normal.  After treating the fabric with the Retayne, I tested the colorfastness by prewashing the fabrics, along with a Shout Color Catcher sheet.

I couldn't believe it - not a trace of pink or red on the Color Catcher sheet - so not the usual case when prewashing reds!  It worked!!


(Why did it take me this long to work up the courage to trying using the product?!)

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