Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jelly Roll Learning Curve

I'm soon going to be stitching a quilt for a friend out of a jelly roll and two charm packs.  But, since I've never worked with a jelly roll before (I know, I know, where I have been all this time!!), I thought I had better work out the kinks on a quilt of my own first vs. using hers for my learning curve!

I bought this "Boutique" jelly roll, pattern, and backing fabric almost four years ago from this gal on line.
(Isn't it interesting how your taste in fabric and color changes?  While I still love the fabrics, it has a much warmer feel than the clear colors I am drawn to today.)
Donna's in the Attic was the very first quilt blog I had discovered, and the first time I had ever ordered fabric on line, so this quilt marks a very significant milestone for me. :)   Maybe that's why I couldn't bear to open up the perfectly coiled roll of fabric to get started?  Or, maybe because I was hung up on the fact that I wouldn't be able to prewash the strips?   

Anyway, I was fine once I got started!!  

It took me a bit to figure out what an exact 1/4 of an inch looks like when the edge is pinked.  But, after some trial and error, I think I got it.

I decided to press the seams open again on this quilt.  I just did that on the last blocks I pieced for my "Dragonfly Days" and really liked how accurate the piecing was as a result, not to mention how nice and flat the blocks lay.  Since the seams won't be nestling together on this particular quilt, 

pressing them flat is a really nice option.

I'm going to set this project aside for the time being so I can work on my friend's quilt (and Christmas preparations!), but I'll keep you posted!

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