Wednesday, December 18, 2013

J. Wecker Frisch Fabric

I was preshrinking a few more fabrics today in preparation for some T-shirt quilts I need to work on, so I went ahead and prewashed the rest of my low volume fabrics.

I had picked up this fabric last month at one of the larger quilt shops in the area, both for my low volume collection as well as use as a background fabric in this Jen Kingswell quilt that I'm itchy to make.  It wasn't until I was ironing it that I realized just how captivating the print is.  Here are some more shots of the fabric:


I was so intrigued with J. Wecker Frisch's artwork on this print that I looked up her blog and read a bit about her.  Cool stuff from a very inspiring artist!

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  1. Hello Andrea - How nice of you to write to me and share this post. You have a keen eye. You would be surprised how many people never notice the scripture phrases that were thoughtfully tucked in my lines here and there. I spent much time contemplating the selected passages, which to add and where they could enhance the cool vintage imagery. It's very nice to hear from sensitive observers, thank you Andrea.